The Leonard Lopate Show (Audio)

Extended family visits for inmates are disappearing from state correctional facilities. Journalist Sylvia A. Harvey sheds light on the 2.7 million kids who are losing the right to visit their parents in her cover story forContinue reading


The number of people in jail and prison in America is staggering itself: more than two million people. Stop and think about the loved ones of the prisoners, and you realize millions more are waitingContinue reading

VIDEO: Out of Bounds

In the Black community, men who express even a passing, friendly physical affection toward each other are often subject to ridicule and homophobic attacks. But on the basketball court, the sight of men kissing, huggingContinue reading

An Honest Look at Bed-Stuy

One photographer allows his lens to enunciate the meaning of Bedford-Stuyvesant, where the rounded brown belly of a pregnant mother speaks of the future, Muslim women adorned in burkas speak about faith, and the EgyptianContinue reading