Parenting While Incarcerated

Within an oppressive and unjust prison-industrial complex, fighting for a space where families can forge bonds. EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an excerpt from “The Shadow System: Mass Incarceration and the American Family,” by Sylvia A. Harvey,Continue reading

The Legacy of the Pandemic

Few aspects of life are untouched by coronavirus and resulting global lockdowns. From an emerging “quarantine state of mind” to a new era of frugality to expanding how we vote, here’s what next. Part ofContinue reading
Youth Justice

How to Stop Locking Up Kids

Editor’s note: This is the first of two essays The Root is publishing in partnership with Caught, a new podcast from WNYC Studios about the juvenile-justice system. We hope to generate a conversation about how we can support rather thanContinue reading

The Leonard Lopate Show (Audio)

Extended family visits for inmates are disappearing from state correctional facilities. Journalist Sylvia A. Harvey sheds light on the 2.7 million kids who are losing the right to visit their parents in her cover story forContinue reading


The number of people in jail and prison in America is staggering itself: more than two million people. Stop and think about the loved ones of the prisoners, and you realize millions more are waitingContinue reading